Do you think that frontline workers deserve pandemic pay to be valued and recognized for their essential work to keep Colorado going during this pandemic?

Under the American Rescue Plan, Colorado will receive nearly $4 billion in federal stimulus funds to help our state recover and build back stronger. We want to make sure those funds are being prioritized to value the commitment and sacrifices of essential workers across our state.

If you believe Colorado should support essential workers with pandemic pay, Gov. Polis and the Colorado legislature need to hear from you RIGHT NOW! Please fill out this form, using any of the following talking points:

  • Frontline workers provide public services, healthcare, and mental health services, we keep our communities safe, our buildings clean, our airports running, and we’ve risked our lives to keep Colorado going during this pandemic.
  • This pandemic has proven that the essential work of home care workers, daycare providers, first responders and working people who drove the trucks, stocked the food, and kept our buildings clean are what drive our economy. By giving our essential workers pandemic pay, we can boost our economic recovery and uplift the communities most impacted by COVID.
  • Throughout the pandemic, Black, brown, and Indigenous communities have been asked to put themselves at risk in order to provide essential services so everyone else can shelter in place safely. By giving essential workers hazard pay, we can help communities most impacted by COVID to recover and, in turn, help economic recovery for all Coloradans.  
  • Working people have been forced to make difficult decisions during this pandemic, but supporting legislation that pays all workers a fair return on their work should be an easy decision for Gov. Polis and the state legislature.
  • We don’t need praise, we need support: Colorado should use American Rescue Plan funds to provide pandemic pay for all frontline, essential workers for showing up and putting our lives on the line for our communities this year.

Make your voice heard by filling out this form from Governor Polis, the legislature, and Treasurer Young’s Build Back Better Colorado website. Be sure to scroll through every question and click SUBMIT at the end!