SEIU Colorado represents over 12,000 workers in healthcare, airports, building services, and state agencies. By leveraging the collective strength of SEIU Local 105 and Colorado WINS, SEIU Colorado fosters the empowerment of workers throughout the state by facilitating connections across different industries and communities. Through direct action and political power, we are building a Colorado that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few.

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From our healthcare facilities and airports to our highways and even people’s homes, we keep essential businesses running and our communities safe, clean, healthy, and cared for.

As Coloradans, we know what’s possible when we stand together. Whether we live in Denver or Durango, Fort Morgan or Fort Collins, Black, white, or brown, we all want the same things: to make a decent living, see our loved ones of all ages lead full, healthy lives, and to live in a thriving community. By joining together, we decide the future—a future where every Coloradan, no matter our race, zip code or background, can thrive.

SEIU Colorado’S PLATFORM For Working People

SEIU Colorado’s Platform for Working People is what we are fighting for. SEIU Colorado, community members and community advocates created a set of priorities based on our values and the challenges facing working people across Colorado. These eight priorities reflect the values and recognize the everyday struggles of working people in Colorado. Candidates in Colorado are being asked to stand up for working people by endorsing the platform.

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A Strong Union Voice for All

Affordable & Quality Healthcare

Racial & Immigration Justice

Higher Wages and Better Benefits

A Clean Environment

Fair Taxes for Vital Public Services

Gender & Sexuality Justice

Affordable Housing


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Local 105 has overwhelmingly voted YES to authorize an unfair labor practice STRIKE against Kaiser, if necessary!

The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions announced this week that workers resoundingly voted to authorize the largest healthcare strike in the history of the country. The coalition represents more than 85,000 healthcare workers nationally, including 3,000 right here in Colorado, who are fighting for investment in patient care, safe staffing, protections at the workplace, and…

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2022 General Election Endorsements

We’re proud and excited to announce our extensive list of endorsements for the 2022 General Elections! All across Colorado, from our state legislature to the US Senate, our message as workers is clear. On November 8th, we decide! Governor of Colorado CO GovernorJared Polis US Senate US SenateMichael Bennet US House of Representatives CD01Diana DeGetteCD02Joe…

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The Union Difference

We demand a Colorado where our economy and democracy work for all of us, not just the wealthy few!

No matter what we look like, where we live, who we love or what’s in our wallets, we understand that we’re all in this together. We have seen the risks working people continue to take in order to care for us and keep us safe, housed, fed, educated, and able to work

The opportunity to join a union — no matter where we work — is the best way to raise wages, ensure safe working conditions, create family-sustaining jobs, and begin to fix the rigged economy. When we have good union jobs, our economy and democracy are stronger and our communities thrive.

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