SEIU Colorado has over 12,000 members: healthcare, property service and airport workers organized in Local 105 and state employees in Colorado Workers for Innovative and New Solutions (COWINS). Our members take the time to interview and review candidates for elected office and endorse those who show that they understand, and will take on, the issues that working people face every day.

SEIU Colorado proudly endorses the following candidates for the 2022 General Election

Working people understand our elected officials need to stand united with workers for economic and racial justice by fighting for fair wages, access to healthcare, immigration reform, and the right to unionize.

Click the links below to view SEIU Colorado’s Federal and Statewide endorsements


Michael Bennet

US Senate

Diana DeGette

US House, District 1

Joe Neguse

US House, District 2

Jason Crow

US House, District 6

Brittany Pettersen

US House, District 7

Yadira Caraveo

US House, District 8


Jared Polis


Jena Griswold

Secretary of State

Phil Weiser

Attorney General

Dave Young

State Treasurer


Nick Hinrichsen, District 3
Dylan Roberts, District 8
Tony Exum, District 11
Janice Marchman, District 15
Lisa Cutter, District 20
Jessie Danielson, District 22
Kyle Mullica, District 24
Faith Winter, District 25
Tom Sullivan, District 27
Rob Rodriguez, District 32
Julie Gonzales, District 34


Javier Mabrey, District 1
Steven Woodrow, District 2
Meg Froelich, District 3
Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez, District 4
Alex Valdez, District 5
Elisabeth Epps, District 6
Jennifer Bacon, District 7
Leslie Herod, District 8
Emily Sirota, District 9
Junie Joseph, District 10
Karen McCormick, District 11
Tracey Bernett, District 12
Julie McCluskie, District 13
Stephanie Vigil, District 16
Regina English, District 17
Marc Snyder District 18
Jennifer Parenti, District 19
Monica Duran, District 23
Lindsey Daugherty, District 24
Tammy Story, District 25
Meghan Lukens, District 26
Brianna Titone, District 27
Sheila Lieder, District 28
Shannon Bird, District 29
Chris Kennedy, District 30
Said Sharbini, District 31
Dafna Michaelson Jenet, District 32
William Lindstedt, District 33
Jenny Willford, District 34
Mike Weissman, District 36
Ruby Dickson, District 37
David Ortiz, District 38
Naquetta Ricks, District 40
Iman Jodeh, District 41
Mandy Lindsay, District 42
Tisha Mauro, District 46
Judy Amabile, District 49
Mary Young, District 50
Cathy Kipp, District 52
Andrew Boesenecker, District 53
Elizabeth Velasco, District 57
Barbara McLachlan, District 59
Eliza Hamrick, District 61
Matt Martinez, District 62