As an elected official in Colorado I will fight, both publicly and with the power of my office, for:

  • Policies that allow all working people the freedom to form a union without employer interference, and I will stand with and fight for working people when they organize a union or other form of worker organization, including workers organizing at the airport and health centers.
  • Allowing local governments to raise the minimum wage above the statewide level if they so choose, and for other policies to raise wages
  • Policies that address longstanding economic barriers faced by people of color.
  • Support for hardworking immigrants who are contributing to our economy, and to oppose anti-immigrant policies that separate families.
  • Protecting the Affordable Care Act and make quality healthcare more affordable and?accessible for all Coloradans.
  • Policies that address the rising cost of housing by raising wages and lowering costs.
  • Policies that transition Colorado to clean energy, with union jobs and support for impacted workers and communities.