Denver Janitors at Kaiser Clinics to Hold Informational Picket

Denver, CO – WEDNESDAY, March 24th at 10:30 AM, Service Employees International Union Local 105 members representing over a hundred janitors who clean and sanitize Kaiser Permanente clinics and facilities will be holding an informational picket demanding fair wages and respect from their contractor Commercial Cleaning Services (CCS).  

Janitors across the country have been on the front line of the pandemic, with even greater risks for those working to disinfect healthcare facilities. Comprised of a majority immigrant Latina women workforce, these janitorial workers are currently in union contract negotiations with CCS who has refused to listen to their employees’ calls for respect. 

“I’ve been cleaning these healthcare facilities for over 20 years,” said Belen Rodarte, janitor, and member of SEIU Local 105. “What’s frustrating is our employer doesn’t recognize the life-saving work that we do every day keeping these facilities clean for patients and providers. We are asking to finally be recognized for the work we do, our years of service, and the risks we take by being paid a fair wage to not only just get by but thrive in our city.”

Our city’s health care janitors often feel overlooked while leaders continue to call frontline workers heroes of the pandemic. Many of these janitors who have cleaned Kasier clinics for more than a decade are still not making livable wages in Denver. Janitors are also demanding CCS address issues of unreasonable workloads during the pandemic, grant them access to union representation and reverse the practice of making them take their breaks in their work janitorial closets. [Link to Video]

“We risk our lives and work in hazardous conditions where we have sick patients in our community,” said Guadalupe Azua, a health care facility janitor for over 10 years. “Our work is essential to the operation of Kaiser clinics. All we are asking is to be treated with the respect and appreciation we deserve.”

Event Details

What: CCS Janitors Informational Picket at Kaiser Facilities

When: Wednesday, March 24th at 11 AM

Where: 2045 Franklin St #200, Denver, CO 80205, USA 

Outside the Kaiser Permanente Franklin and Skyline Facilities

Visuals: Janitors and healthcare workers with Signs and available for comment