Working People’s Platform Candidates Win Big in Denver Elections

Thirteen Working People’s Platform-backed candidates won seats in Denver Municipal elections. These candidates pledged to support policy that uplifts workers in Denver by improving wages, supporting union jobs, and affordable healthcare.

The victories were not only a win for Denver’s workers, but were historic as well. Newly elected Councilwoman Candi Cdebaca (District 9) became the first LGBTQ woman of color elected to Denver City Council.

In addition, Denver’s City Council will be 31 percent Latina, according to 9 News reporter James Meija. Denver’s hispanic population is estimated to be around 31 percent as well, making this potentially the first time the Latino population will be proportionally represented in City Council.

The following candidates were elected to bring the tenants of the Working People’s Platform to Denver City Council

  • At-Large – Debbie Ortega and Robin Kniech
  • District 1 – Amanda P. Sandoval
  • District 3 – James Torres
  • District 4 – Kendra Black
  • District 5 – Amanda Sawyer
  • District 6 – Paul Kashmann
  • District 7 – Jolon Clark
  • District 10 – Candi Cdebaca
  • District 11 – Stacie Gilmore
  • Auditor – Tim O’Brien
  • City Clerk and Recorder – Paul Lopez